I make ceramic tableware and homewares from my garden studio. I seek balance from the rush of modern life in the everyday rituals of eating and drinking. These rituals are enhanced by the vessels we use; by what we see, what we pass around, what we hold and touch. 

In creating my work I am seeking to create a connection to the environment in which I live, either by using local materials, such as wood ash or wild clay in slips and glazes, or through the marks I make on each piece. I both throw and hand build pieces using moulds and the process of ‘kurinuki’ carving from one piece of clay.

I enjoy the degraded surfaces of beached wood and rusted metal, in addition to the urban landscape marked with graffiti and the marks of industry. 

 I started working with clay in 2013, seeking a creative outlet, I fell wholeheartedly in love with the medium. Devouring the ceramic world during every waking moment  I started to work with clay full time in January 2020.

Overlooked by the local Church, I work from my garden studio using stoneware clay which is fired in my electric kiln.

My aim is to make my practice as sustainable as possible using green energy, recycling and reusing where possible and sourcing materials from sustainable and ethical sources.

I am located in Brighton on the South Coast of the UK.


If you would like to contact me please use the contact form on my website. 


33 Regency Square

Exhibitions & Open Houses

September 2020

Cowshed Collective @ Lewes Art Wave

December 2020

The Photographer’s Greenhouse @ Artist Open Houses Brighton