ceramic plates made in Brighton

Seeking balance from the rush of modern life I make vessels to enhance the everyday rituals of eating and drinking. These rituals are enhanced by the vessels we use; by what we see, what we pass around and what we hold and touch.

In creating my work I first ask ‘What would I like to use in my home to enhance those everyday pleasures of eating and drinking?’. I then guide the clay to create simple forms for everyday use, hoping to create a connection between my hands and the hands of another.

Captivated instantly by the therapeutic effects of clay in 2013, I quickly appreciated the learning opportunities it offered, both creatively and technically.

I work from my garden studio in Brighton which gives me the convenience to juggle family commitments and my work .

Taking inspiration from both the natural and manmade environment, I often make marks on my work before the final firing, I am currently using oxides and slips to do this.  Wild, natural elements and their affect on found objects give me a starting point for inspiration. Rusted metal, flaking paint, wood that has been smoothed by the sea, or polished from being touched by human hands over thousands of years. The tattooing of urban environments in the form of graffiti. Stormy skies, shapes of machinery and mechanical parts. Everywhere I look I see elements I want to use somewhere, somehow in my work. If you would like to have a look at what I currently have for sale, click here for my shop.

Exploring my environment further in my work I like to collect local clay and use wood ash in my work. At the moment I am testing and using clay found from Whitstable beach, Ashdown forest and my local walk at Sheepcote Valley, near Brighton. I am exploring the use of local Ash wood and Sycamore wood in glazes.


The Set restaurant
Sept 2020 – set of bowls for tasting menu

May 2021 & August 2021 – repeat commission 

Exhibitions & Open Houses

October 2021 ‘Colours of the Earth’ exhibition at Exeter Tea Merchants, The House of Hope and Mercy in the Jungle.

Sept 2021 Cowshed Collective @ Lewes Art Wave

 May 2021 The Nature House – Artists Open Houses

December 2020 The Photographer’s Greenhouse @ Artist Open Houses Brighton

Sept 2020 Cowshed Collective @ Lewes Art Wave


I was delighted to be featured during January 2021 in Country Living Modern Rustic, Issue 19