If you value each and every moment in your life, would like time to move more slowly, helping you to enjoy the important things in life, being with people you love, sharing, savouring each mouthful of a meal or spending time to appreciate a simple mug of tea, well, that’s what I want too and that’s why I make pottery. 

Once you begin using handmade pottery you will quickly appreciate the value it brings to your life, where every drink, meal or snack is enhanced and helps you to value those moments. A cup of tea with friends, a scone, bringing a hot dish of goodness to the table to share. 

All pottery is different, each maker brings their own experience and style to the making process. To make my work I prefer to use a high fired, stoneware clay. It is robust, it doesn’t chip easily and is made to last. When I’m planning what to make, I consider first what I would like to use in my home. Then, what process I will use to make it: slab, coil, carve or wheel thrown, choosing what clay character to manifest in each different piece.

I develop the surface with oxide brush marks and wax resist. Traditional British slipware and Japanese tableware also inspire my making, where there is a specific purpose for each vessel and pleasure is drawn from individuality.

Although there are commonalities in my work, I do not seek to replicate size or marks. I embrace imperfection. To find out more about what I’m up to and where I sell my work have a look at my about page here.